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Horde VS Alliance X3 v4.36

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-Larine: Attack type: Piercing > Hero (That was too big nerf).
-Kel'Thuzad: Sinister Strike: Will not cause damage to buildings; the percentage of HP received from damage: 25% > 10%.
-Holybringer: Invisibility: Cooldown: 15 - 34 sec. > 18 > 37 sec. at levels 1-20.
-Ninja: Web: Damage per sec. increased: 100-500 damage > 125-695 damage at levels 1-20.
-Coldbringer: Chilling Blast (X): Increased the angle of the ability hit: 80 > 160.

Hero's stats:
-Larine: AGI per level: 1.90 > 1.80
              STR per level: 1.80 > 1.75
              Movement speed: 420 > 410
              Base agility: 25 > 21

-Runes: Now each rune has its own unique color.


hvsa X3 v4.36-Hotfix.w3x

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