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hvsa Rules

Team play is the key to winning in horde vs alliance. Be friendly and support your allies, play together to win. Don't forget about your opponents and treat them with respect. 
Do not insult anyone, create conflict and ruin the game for others. Play quietly and have fun.

In-game rules: 
1.  Don't lane steal. (Lanes go to the players who are the fastest to write "up" or" down " at the beginning of the game. To see who took the lanes, just write "-lane". 
    You can give your lane to another player, especially for the aura, for the aura lane is necessary).
2.  Don't block creeps. (Don't put obstacles in the way of creeps).
3.  Don't pull neutral creeps to lane.
4.  Don’t kill your own units. (Don't kill units to leave your opponent without experience). (This is normal if you killed one or two units to make way for yourself, if you were blocked).
5.  Don't teleport to units ON PURPOSE.
6.  Don't steal items. (Teamwork is very good, but just coming and stealing items from your ally without helping them is forbidden).
7.  Don't feed on PURPOSE. (Newcomers can often die, this is normal).
8.  Do not abuse the bugs.
9.  Don't abuse command "!votekick" (Don't kick anyone for no reason; 0-6 is reason for kick new players)
10. Don't share items with your opponents SPECIFICALLY to give them a victory.
11. Don't share control with an ally to buy items.
12. Don't ruin the game ON PURPOSE. (You don't have to be AFK on purpose, buy useless items for the hero, etc). 
    (This is normal if beginners do not know how to play and what items to buy for the hero).
13. Don't leave without reason. (You can leave the game if your team has 2 less players than your opponents. Don’t forget that the chances of winning are always there and you can win 
    in the minority, evaluate your chances correctly). (BUT DON'T LEAVE BEFORE DEATH).
14. Don't use maphack.
15. Don't pause the game for no reason. (Read 13.)
16. Don't leave the game with an aura.
17. Don’t leave the game before or after death.
18. Don’t leave the game before the duel.
19. Don’t leave the game during the duel.
20. Don’t insult anyone, especially family, nationality, or country.

21. Multiple chat messages containing insults, humiliations of the individual, inciting conflict and provocations using programs designed for hotkeys.

These were the basic rules to follow. We hope for your understanding.

Commands for players:
1.  !ignore "nickname" (If someone says a lot, insults, then use this command).
2.  !ignoreall
3.  !votekick "nickname" (You can start voting for a kick if one of the players violates the rules, for example, kick lane stealer. Before doing this, put the game on pause)


Rules for HORDE vs ALLIANCE admins:

1. Reasons to using the command"!kick":

(Remember, before using this command, you need to warn the player and explain, that he is violating the rules, only then you can kick him [if he continues to violate them])

- to kick lane stealers;
- to kick for creep blocking;
- to kick AFK;
- to kick who kills their own creeps ON PURPOSE;
- to kick item stealers;
- to kick those who pulls neutral creeps;

 You CAN kick a player with a score of 0-6 or more if you see that you have a chance of winning without him.
 There is no need to kick newcomers if they do not understand something. Explain them their mistake, give them an advice, etc.

2. Reasons to using the command"!ban".

- You can ban a player if they still violate rules after being kicked.
- To ban leavers. (Doesn't apply to newbies, they shouldn't be banned for leaving. Players can leave the game if it is 3vs5 or 4v2. No need to ban players if they leave due to lack of a chance of winning).
- To ban those who feed on purpose. (Or feed on purpose with alternate accounts)
- To ban those who abuse bugs on purpose.
- To ban those who share control to buy items. (In this case, ban if you are SURE; if you're unsure about this, try watching the game's replay)
- To ban those who help opponents on purpose.

3. "!swap" command:

 You can use this command if you want to modify the team. You must ask permission before doing this. 
 DO NOT swap with a player without their consent.


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