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Horde VS Alliance X3 v4.35

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Gameplay Changes/Bugfixes:
-Fixed the display of the amount of experience gained;
-Fixed Faeries' Dragon passive ability; 
-Fixed all bugs in Multiboard (Icons; K/D/A etc.)
-Fixed Orbs' descriptions. 
-Hexed/Polimorphed heroes now get exp.

-Larine: Attack type: Hero > Piercing. (This type of attack reduces the amount of damage to heroes, which will make Larine a little weaker.)
-Vicaress of Elune: Snap Dragons: Removed poison attack.
-The value of the basic initial damage of heroes who had this indicator very low at the first levels has been increased: Far Seer/Shadow Hunter/Lord Garithos/Tauren Chieftain/Vicaress of Elune/Jaina.

Map optimization, bugfixes -
Unryze ® 

hvsa X3 v4.35.w3x

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