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Horde VS Alliance X3 v4.31

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Gameplay Changes:
-removed the Alliance Ogres at the top; Added +1 Forgotten for second creep spot; 
-reworked creep positions at the down(alliance/horde); Now Horde can't pull creeps to tower;
-reworked position of the Dragonspawn Overseers at down left; Now Blue Dragon will not get bonus armor from Devotion Aura from Dragonspawns;
-reworked position of the Dragonspawn Overseers at down right; Now they will not come while you creep Magnataurs; 
-added one bird at the middle of map; Can kill and get some book; 

-Fixed bug when Furion's attacks on frost armor slowed down the hero;  
-Some changes to fix vision bug; (if you get vision bug, let us know then we will continue fixing); 

Neutral creeps:

Tuskars: Attack Type: Melee > Ranged

Heroe's Spells/Abilities:

Holybringer: Light of Purification (Z): Added damage; 75-550 damage at levels 1-20; Increased mana cost: 65-540 mana at levels 1-20; 
             Restoration Circle (V): Cooldown: 40/45/50 > 50/55/60 sec. at levels 1/2/3; Duration of Circle: 15/17/21 sec > 15/15/15 sec; at levels 1/2/3;

Tauren Chieftain/Lord Garithos: Reincarnation: Reincarnation time: 1 sec. > 5 sec.





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-Fixed X3 / 2vs2 dueling bugs; 
-Fixed Demonhunter's (Alliance/Horde) splash; 

Faerie Dragon:
Life Harvest (C) - Radius: 500 > 650; 
INT per level: 3.80 > 3.90
AGI per level: 1.35 > 1.40

hvsa X3 v4.31-Hotfix.w3x

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