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Horde VS Alliance X3 v4.30

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New Hero:

Faerie Dragon: Alliance Intelligence Hero:
Z - Faerie Energy: Creates a bolt of light that flies against a target enemy unit, dealing damage in a big area apon impact. 145-1195 Damage at level 1-20; Cooldown: 10-29 sec. at level 1-20.
X - (Passive) Mythical Dust:  When being attacked, Faerie Dragon has a 15% chance to counterattack, dealing (80-1125 at levels 1-20) damage to the one that harmed him. 
С - Life Harvest: Severs the life bond of nearby enemies around, forcing them to take instant damage. Faerie Dragon gets healed by half of overall damage dealt. 70-1400 Damage. 35-700 heal (each essence drained).
V - Phase Shift: Causes the hero to shift out of existence upon taking damage, becoming invisible, invulnerable and forcing to stay in place. Ordering any other action will interrupt Phase Shift. Duration 3/6/9 sec. Cooldown 30 sec. at level 1/2/3.

-Guard/Watch/Dalaran/Sky-Fury/Demonic/Death/Earth/Canon Towers: Now get 33% less damage from magic damage and spells;
-Canon/Earth Towers: Attack type: Siege > Chaos; 

-Nature Staff (New Unique item): Increases the life regeneration rate of nearby friendly units by 30%. The hero gains the ability to heal nearby allies. Heals 1800 HP; Cooldown 135 sec;


-Emalaes Summershadow: Mysterious Eruption: Duration: 10/15/20 sec. > 7/12/17 sec. at level 1/2/3. Mana burn per orb: 50/75/100 > 25/40/60.
-Void Warlock: Fatal Attraction: Duration: 4/5/6 sec. > 3/4/5 sec. at level 1/2/3.


Dear friends, members of the [X3] community and just fans of HVSA.
As you can see, this is already version 4.30, the thirtieth anniversary version of our favorite map!
I want to inform you that this is the last official version of the map made by WooJ & EnbeR. Any subsequent versions will not be made on our behalf.
I want to thank all the players who continue to play this map and do not forget about it, without you we would not have been able to gather this large community.
I would also like to thank those who tested the map, helped to find bugs, and also reported bugs, without you we could not have made this map better.
I also want to say thanks to the people who helped me in the development of the map (Enfo; WackowyRzeckznik; Guiioki; KobazThePolarBear; quq_CCCP), contributed to the development. I wish you all good luck, health and success.
Horde vs Alliance X3 is forever in the heart.


Estimados amigos, miembros de la comunidad [X3] y solo fanáticos de HVSA.
Como puedes ver, esta ya es la versión 4.30, la versión del trigésimo aniversario de nuestro mapa favorito.
Quiero informarles que esta es la última versión oficial del mapa hecho por WooJ & EnbeR. Las versiones posteriores no se realizarán en nuestro nombre.
Quiero agradecer a todos los jugadores que siguen jugando a este mapa y no lo olviden, sin ustedes no hubiéramos podido reunir a esta gran comunidad.
También me gustaría agradecer a aquellos que probaron el mapa, ayudaron a encontrar errores y también informaron errores, sin ustedes no podríamos haber mejorado este mapa.
También quiero agradecer a las personas que me ayudaron en el desarrollo del mapa (Enfo; WackowyRzeckznik; Guiioki; KobazThePolarBear; quq_CCCP), contribuyeron al desarrollo. Les deseo a todos buena suerte, salud y éxito.
Horda vs Alliance X3 está para siempre en el corazón.

hvsa X3 v4.30.w3x

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Good afternon, can you debuff the purifier please, its so hard to do something because the heal eliminates anything that anyone does.

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