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Horde VS Alliance X3 v4.29

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-Coldbringer (Trigman): Frost Breath (X) Reworked: Now its "Chilling Blast". No more bugs; New animation; New effect; Adjusted damage;
-Giant Sea Turtle: Summon Turtles: Fixed limit's bug. Now can have 21 turtles.
-Emaeles Summershadow: Summon Snap Dragons: Reduced amount of dragons: 2-5 > 1-4 at levels 1-20. Poison attack now will not stack. 
-Bandit/Demonhunter (Alliance): Evasion: 2% (+2%) - 40% > 11% (+1%) - 30% at levels 1-20. 

-Demonhunter (Alliance): AGI per level: 1.75 > 1.90;
-Bandit: AGI per level: 2.0 > 2.10
-Larine: AGI per level: 1.95 > 1.90; STR per level: 2.20 > 2.10.
-Kil'Jaden: Attack delay: 2.20 > 2.10


hvsa X3 v4.29.w3x

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