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Horde VS Alliance X3 v4.28

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-Grandfather of Time: Reworked ultimate. This is the last ultimate for the hero. 
                                                                       Essence Drain: Transfers health and mana between the Grandfather of Time and a target. 350/650/1050 HP 500/900/1300 Mana at                                                                                 level 1/2/3. Cooldown 30/35/45 sec.

-Orc Commander: Reworked ultimate (there were too many bugs).
                                                                       Chaos Breath: Allows you to breathe a stream of chaos on enemies. 200/400/800 Direct fire damage and 35/45/55 additional damage.                                                                           Duration 10 sec. Can be used on a selected target or a specified point.

-Books/Tomes: Fixed bugs. Now books give +4 and tomes give +6.


-Myrmidon: Movement speed: 370 > 385;
-Grandfather of Time: AGI per level: 1.20 > 1.35;
-Pandaren Brewmaster: STR per level: 3.0 > 3.2;
-Mountain King: INT per level: 1.5 > 1.6;
-Dark Dwarf: INT per level: 1.5 > 1.6

hvsa X3 v4.28.w3x

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7 hours ago, FatJonah said:

What was wrong with timelord wooj ult ripoff? xp

That combo was insane AoE stun and AoE dmg.

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