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Horde VS Alliance X3 v4.27

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-Horde Lieutenant (Falcon) is back;

-Furbolg Shaman removed; Added the hero Emalaes Summershadow (Vicaress of Elune):
Z (Furbolg's ability; Just changed icon/animation/effect) - Moonlight: Vicaress inspires her allies with the power of the Moon, granting them extra attack and movement speed. Lasts 45 sec. 
X (New) - Summon Snap Dragons: Summon powerful Snap Dragons. 2/3/4/5 Dragons at levels 1-20. (Now summons are ranged; Also has an ability "Poison attack").
C (Furbolg's ability; Just changed icon/animation/effect) -  Elune's Blessing: Gives friendly nearby units a bonus to damage. Duration 30 sec.
V (New) - Mysterious Eruption: Emalaes concentrates her power to summon a very powerful energy, which releases orbs of mysterious energies every 0.20 scattered around her, dealing damage and mana burn when it drops to the ground.  Level 1 : Deals 95 damage and mana burn per orb, maximum of 500 radius,1-3 orbs, lasts for 10 seconds.
                                                                                                       Level 2: Deals 165 damage and mana burn per orb,maximum of 750 radius, 2-4 orbs, lasts for 15 seconds.
                                                                                                       Level 3:  Deals 230 damage and mana burn per orb, maximum of 1000 radius, 3-5 orbs, lasts for 20 seconds.                                                                                                                     
If she dies, the eruption will continue.

-Coldbringer (Trigman): Double Tide (Z) reworked: Fixed damage; Animation; Casting delay; Now the ability is working correctly.
-Grandfather of Time: Chaos Summoning reworked: Now the ability deals damage in specified area. 1200/2400/3500 damage for 3 seconds. (Can be used for creeping as well for hero kill).
-Ninja: Acid Stinger adjusted: Ninja's ultimate now has 4 level. Level 10/20/30/40.  Poison lasts 10 sec. 15/30/60/90 damage per sec. Slows down the attack speed by 8%/16%/24%/32% and movement by 6%/12%18%/24% at levels 1/2/3/4.
            Web: Range increased: 600 > 700 at levels 1-20.
-Paladin: Holy Light: Cooldown increased: 1-10.5 sec. > 3-15.35 sec. at levels 1-20.
                Reinforcement of the Light: Soldiers: Bash chance increased: 7% > 10%. 
                Changed Paladin's model.
Orc Warlock: Burning Aura: Range decreased: 850 > 750.
                                              Mana cost increased: 25/35/50 mana per sec. > 35/65/80 mana per. sec.
Demonhunter (Horde/Alliance): Metamorphosis: Adjusted. Now will also heal Demonhunter after the ability casted (as it was before).

Gameplay Changes/Creeps:
-The trees on the top removed. Now the ogres will pass straight, and the blue dragon will not stretch. It will also allow the horde to send acolytes to the creeps.
-Tuskars/Faceless (down lane): Added +1 creep. (4 tuskars/4 forgottens). Faceless One: HP: 2850 > 1950.
-Blue Dragons: Now will not more drop Axe; Increase Income; Staff of Fire/Lightning/Corruption; Added items: Gem of True sight (for immune); Boots of Speed; Ring of Protection; Concoction of god; Amulet of Spell Shield;

-New item: Crystal Ball (Unique): Increases the Intelligence and Strength of the Hero by 50 when worn. The hero gains the ability to see invisible units, as well as the ability to reveal any area on the map. Cooldown 20 sec.
-Scroll of Resurrection: Removed. 
-Tome of Agility/Strength/Intelligence: Bonus: 4 > 6.; Tome of Agility: cost: 2250 > 2450.
                                                                                         Tome of Strength: cost: 2000 > 2350.
                                                                                          Tome of Intelligence: cost: 1750 > 2050.

-Holybringer: AGI per level: 1.5 > 1.7


hvsa X3 v4.27.w3x

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When eruption is active, i cant see shit xddd where am i


4 hours ago, Yojua1 said:

Holybringer's ability was changed to deal damage?

it has never changed

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10 hours ago, Voslet1 said:

Now Illidan has no splash, alliance lose a good hero

it was bug, now fixed. Demonunter better now, he wont splash allies anymore.

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-Demonhunter (Horde/Alliance): Metamorphosis: Splash fixed.
                                                                                   The hero will not deal splash damage to allied units. (Only enemies).
-Tome of AGI/INT/STR (shop): Gives +6.
-Book of AGI/INT/STR (creeps): Gives +4.
-Trigman: Double Tide: Damage adjusted. 
-New sound: -easy (xd).

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