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Horde VS Alliance v4.26

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New Hero:
New Horde Agility Hero - Drek'Maz (Ice Troll Cryomancer):

Z - Ice Shard: A magical Shard that is thrown at an enemy unit, causing damage and stunning the target. 100-1240 Damage; 1-5.18 sec. stun at levels 1-20.
X - Troll Regeneration (Passive):  Drek'Maz is trained in the ancient teachings of the Ice Trolls, which increases the regeneration of his health and also grants bonus HP. 4%-80% HP regeneration; 75-1500 Bonus HP at levels 1-20.
C - Ice Blink: Quick teleportation to a point up to 1000 distance away. Enemies around the teleportation point will be frostbitten, making them attack and move much slower. Doesn't slow invisible units. 25-7.95 sec. Cooldown; 1-5.75 sec. Cold effect.
V - Ice Blast: Creates magical ice sphere, it flies up and creates a blast, dealing damage to all enemies around and slowing their speeds on last 7 seconds. 450/850/1250 Damage; 30%/40%/50% slowing effect. 

-Jaina: Frost Wave: The ability is completely reworked. All bugs have been fixed. Now it works correctly and does the right damage: 450/900/1800 Magic damage. 3.5/4.5/5.5 sec. stun. at levels 1/2/3. Added new effect and new animation with sound. 
-Larine: Searing Shot: Decreased direct damage: 80-1600 > 65-1300 at levels 1-20.
-Sir Gregory Edmunson: Lightning Strike: Damage type: Melee > Magic (Now the hero will not get damage by using the ultimate on scorpions); Also increased damage: 350/750/1100 > 550/1100/1650 Magic damage; 
-Holybringer: Invisibility: Now cant cast the ability on units; only heroes;
-Orc Commander: Infernal Shield: Mana cost increased: 15-62.50 Mana/sec. > 20-86.50 Mana/sec.

-Gem of True Sight: Cost decreased: 3500 > 3000 gold.
-Berserker Gloves: Stats bonus: 40 > 80 to all stats.
-Book of the Power: Cost decreased: 650 > 550 Gold; Gives +250 HP.

-Polar Bear: Attack type: Melee > Chaos; Increased movement speed; 
-Blademaster: AGI per level: 1.75 > 1.80;
-Akama: AGI per level: 1.75 > 1.80;
-Demonhunter (Alliance): AGI per level: 1.60 > 1.75
-Demonhunter (Horde): AGI per level: 1.60 > 1.75
-Dark Ranger: AGI per level: 1.85 > 1.95; 
-Naisha: AGI per level: 1.50 > 1.75; 
-Wendigo: AGI per level: 1.70 > 1.75;
-Commander of Elves: AGI per level: 1.80 >1.85;
-Larine: AGI per level: 2.0 > 1.95;
-Larine: Base AGI: 27 > 25;
-Forgotten One: Base AGI: 17 > 25;
-Coldbringer: Movement speed: 370 > 385; 
*Buffed most of the agility heroes base damage (who had low damage values); 

hvsa X3 v4.26.w3x

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