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Horde VS Alliance X3 v4.25

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-Druid of the Claw: Removed ability "Berserk". Added "Ancient Claw": The Druid's fury gets awakened, enchanting his claws with powerful ancient energy. This grants him extra attack speed (10%-200% at levels 1-20) and damage (15-110 at levels 1-20), as well as bonus movement speed (1%-20% at levels 1-20). Duration 30 sec. Cooldown 30-39.50 sec. at level 1-20. The buff cant be purged. 
-Holybringer: Reworked "Light of Purification" (Z): now doesn't deal damage; Only heal allied heroes. Increased AoE: 450 > 800. Decreased mana cost per level.

-Shield of Magic Protection: Increased cost: 17 000 Gold > 20 000 Gold.


-Guard/Watch towers: Increased base damage: +75 Damage.

hvsa X3 v4.25.w3x

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20 hours ago, MarceSett said:

Can medivh return to the future? please

Hi, no. Sorcerer Kul-Tiras replaced Medivh.

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