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Horde VS Alliance X3 v4.21

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Bug fixes:
-To fix some bugs related to "Metamorphosis" ability (DemonHunter): Decreased metamorphosis time from 1.35 sec > 0.35 sec. So it means metamorphosis will happen instantly. I think it should help to avoid bugs in duels and after.
-To fix fatal error at duel 2vs2, decreased time of reincarnation (Tauren/Lord Garithos): 4 sec. > 1 sec.

New Hero:
As you know, Medivh was removed from the map due to a lot of  of bugs and the discrepancy between his ability codes and the map code. This hero will replace the Medivh.
Sorcerer Kul-Tiras (Stormbringer) - The new Alliance Intelligence Support hero:

Z - Storm Sorcery: Sorcerer uses ancient storm sorcery in the specified area, enemies who happen to be nearby lose the ability to attack and use spells and their movement speed will be temporarily reduced. 11%-30% movement speed reduce; Duration 3-14 sec; Cooldown 15-53 sec. - at levels 1-20.
X - Surge of Life: Instantly replenishes portion of allied units' health and mana in 300 radius. 140-1940 HP / 50-810 mana at levels 1-20.
C (passive) - Magical Punishment: For using spells near Sorcerer, enemies will be magically punished. 1 Damage per mana spent. Also, the ability gives a bonus to all the stats of the hero. 1 Damage per mana spent; 1-29 points to all stats at levels 1-20.
V - Storm Blink: After a brief channeling, the hero will instantly appear in the targeted point, damaging and stunning enemies, who have happened to be near the teleportation point. Damage: 650/1300/1950 (Magic damage) at levels 1/2/3; Stun time: 1.5/2.5/3.5 sec at levels 1/2/3. Ability has global cast range. This ability doesn't work at duel (to avoid bug abusers).
B - Spell Steal: This is an additional ability of the Hero; Only 1 level. Steals a positive buff from an enemy unit and applies it to a nearby friendly unit, or takes a negative buff from a friendly unit and applies it to a nearby enemy unit.


-Tristram Key: Now will drop after player leaves.
-Arm of God WooJ: Now will give +1500 bonus HP.
-Crystal Hammer MemriS (Combo artifact): Bonus damage increased: 200 > 500.
-Fixed descriptions of items. Added info about stun chance for Hammer of Bash; Crystal Hammer MemriS etc.

-Faceless One: Removed "Animate Death" ability.

-Jaina: Frost Wave: Cooldown: 95/95/95 sec. > 85/95/105 sec. at levels 1/2/3.
-Void Warlock: Fatal Attraction: Cooldown: 100/110/120 sec. > 110/120/130 sec. at levels 1/2/3.
-Blood Mage: Flamestrike: Cast delay increased: 0.5 sec. > 0.75 sec. at levels 1-20.

-increased the size of models of some heroes;
-Lord Garithos: INT per level: 1.3 > 1.5;
-Alchemist: Base movement speed: 370 > 385.


hvsa X3 v4.21.w3x

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-Storm Sorcerer: Storm Blink: Now you cant use this ability at duel.
                                                               Increased cooldown of the ability: 80/95/110 at levels 1/2/3.

hvsa X3 v4.21-Hotfix.w3x

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