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Horde VS Alliance X3 v4.20

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Bug fixes:
-Bugfixes Final Showdown (Archangel's ultimate);
-Fixed items description (Wand of Urban Frenzy; Orbs, etc);

New item:
-A new unique item - "Claws of Lightning" - Increases the attack damage of the Hero by 100 when worn and gives a 8.5% chance to dispel magic and slow the movement speed of the enemy and deal  bonus damage to summoned units. (Orb of Lightning effect);

-High Elven Adept: Telekinesis: Damage increased: Read the description of the ability to understand how damage is done;

Heroes Stats:
-Buffed heroes base damage;
-Void Warlock: Now belongs to the undead category;


hvsa X3 v4.20.w3x

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7 hours ago, Yojua1 said:

I am missing the Furion bug about ice shields in heroes. :v


xd will fix 

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