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Horde VS Alliance X3 v4.19

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Bug fixes:
-Fixed Banshees/Ghosts ultimate extra damage.

New Hero:
Void Warlock (Kzadar the Shadowbringer) - The new Horde Intelligence Hero. The hero belongs to the undead race, so he can be healed by "Death Coil" (Death Knight) spell and he can also be damaged by "Holy Light" (Paladin/Arthas).

Z - Twilight Barrage: Showers an area with waves of void energy. Each wave deals damage to enemies, while healing allies. 
      6 waves; 55-530 damage at levels 1-20; 75-455 HP at levels 1-20; Cooldown 9-37.5 sec. at levels 1-20. The ability does not cause damage to buildings.

X - Dark Corrosion: Impulse of dark energy, which will temporary decrease enemies' armor for 15 seconds in 700 radius.
      Decrease 1-20 armor at levels 1-20; Cooldown 18-37 sec. at levels 1-20.

C - Neutralisation Aura: Suppresses spellcasting potential of enemies by burning away mana points every second in radius 1000 and adds additional intelligence to the Hero.
      Burning away 2-40 mana per sec at levels 1-20. Adds 1-20 INT to the Hero at levels 1-20. Does not awaken neutral creeps.

V - Fatal Attraction: Conjures a vortex of shadowy energy, with radius of 400, which pull all of the unfortunate foes in its center, dealing damage to them every second. 
      Level 1: Damage 650. Duration 4 sec. Cooldown 100 sec.
      Level 2: Damage 1100. Duration 5 sec. Cooldown 110 sec.
      Level 3: Damage 1550. Duration 6 sec. Cooldown 120 sec.  
      Damage values are expressed approximately. This ability works according to a formula, so depending on the type of unit, its armor, its resistance to magic, the exact amount of damage depends. It can be greater than the specified value, it can also be less.

-Archangel: Heaven Blessing: 150-2050 HP > 200-2765 HP at levels 1-20.
                    Final Showdown: Bash chance: 5/7/9 > 10/10/10 at level 1/2/3.

Pandaren Brewmaster: Pandaria Power: Bonus AGI/INT/STR: Level 2: 50 > 40.
                                                                                                   Level 3: 80 > 65.

Archimonde: Finger of Death: Cooldown decreased: 15-34 sec. > 15-24.5 sec. at levels 1-20.

Magic Assist: Item Generation: Cooldown decreased: 300/300/300 sec. > 250/275/300 sec. at level 1/2/3.

Far Seer: Earthquake: Damage decreased: 150/300/600 damage > 100/250/450 damage at level 1/2/3.
                                     Cooldown increased: 90/90/90 sec. > 90/100/110 sec. at level 1/2/3.

Orc Commander: Infernal Shield: Damage decreased: 20-305 damage per sec. > 15-224 damage per sec. at levels 1-20.
                                                      Mana cost increased: 11-59 mana per sec. > 15.-62.5 mana per sec. at levels 1-20.
Servant of Azshara: Poison arrows: Damage decreased: 10-200 damage > 10-143 damage at levels 1-20.
                                                          Reducing movement/attack speed: 0.07-0.49 > 0.07-0.26 % at levels 1-20.

Guard/Watch Towers: Now have magic resistance: 33%. 
                                    Gold for destroying: 250 > 500.

Do not forget to write about the bugs you found and also offer your ideas!
GL & HF.


Void Warlock.PNG

hvsa X3 v4.19-Hotfix.w3x

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11 hours ago, FatJonah said:

I tried using holy light on new horde hero with Paladin and it didn't work, he doesn't have the undead classification

my bad, sry, will be fixed in v4.20

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