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Horde VS Alliance X3 v4.16

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Hello guys. The horde vs alliance x3 version v4.16 is uploaded on the bot.


New Hero:
Sacred Guard (Archangel): Alliance Strength hero:
Z - Heaven's Gate: The Archangel opens the Heaven's Gate that damage all enemies in the area; Deal 90-1800 damage at level 1-20.
X - Heaven Blessing: The Archangel receives the Heaven Blessing thereby restores his health and mana over 20 seconds. Restores 300-4100 HP and 150-2050 Mana at level 1-20. The ability only works on archangel.
C - Holy Sword: Holy Sword adds to Archangel bonus damage and increases the Agility. Adds 6-120 Damage and 2-40 agility at level 1-20.
V - Final Showdown: Prepares for the Final Showdown, receiving chaos and ranged attack, as well as bonus 20/40/60 (at level 1/2/3) agility and intelligence. Not only that, the hero receives a 10% chance to stun an attacked enemy for 1/1.25/1.5 (at level 1/2/3) second, dealing 25/50/75 (at level 1/2/3) extra damage. Lasts 40 seconds.

-Fixed Master of Skeletons ultimate bug.
-Fixed Vision bug after duels 1x1 and X3 for some heroes.
-Fixed bug with gold after destroyed barracks.

-Added new shops for Unique combination (in the future, will add some new unique item combinations).
-Changed loading screen to decrease map size and lags. 

Balance changes:

-Bagar: Changed the Model. Fixed spell bugs. Quantum Beam (Z) is working correctly now.
-Nerfed creeps HP.
-The time for creeps to appear before the 2x2 duel has been slightly increased.

Hero Stats:
Bandit: Initial agility: 11 > 22.
Dark Ranger: Initial agility: 14 > 21
Master of Skeleton: Initial agility: 12 > 19.
Commander of Elves: Initial agility: 11 > 21.
Keeper of the Grove: STR per level: 1.5 > 1.6; AGI per level: 2.0 > 2.10

Magic Assist: Armor type: Hero > Unarmored.

Paladin: Holy Light: Damage Decreased: 200-3050 > 100-2190 at level 1-20. Cooldown decreased: 5-20 sec. > 4-16 sec. at level 1-20.
Shadow Hunter: Serpent Ward: Mana cost increased: 30-220 mana > 75-425 mana at level 1-20.
Blood Mage: Flamestrike: Cast delay decreased: 1.8 sec > 0.2 sec.

Berserker gloves: Changed the recipe. Removed Mittens of Fire hand from recipe, added Shield of Honor. Now to make the combo artifact you need: Mittens of Ruine (unique, need find) + Shield of Honor + Gloves of Haste. Removed HP regeneration bonus, added +30 armor. 
Gloves of the Death Lord (Combo Artifact): 80 STR > 50 STR; But now also give +100 damage.

If you find any bugs, write here. And also don't forget to offer your ideas.

hvsa X3 v4.16-Hotfix.w3x

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I think you need to nerf "v" ulti too long and cd very short (imo) as str with range is op

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12 hours ago, Zeustv said:

I think you need to nerf "v" ulti too long and cd very short (imo) as str with range is op

Agreed. Need to increase the cooldown of Final Showdown. Also decrease a bit STR per level of Archangel.
Also in next version will buff Paladin's STR per level and increase damage for Holy Light.
Ogre will be reworked, new model, new spell instead of heal. 
Add limit to Grandfather of time, and also increase a bit his cast distance (nerfed a lot, he is kinda weak now). 
New Horde STR hero Varimathras will come as well.
Some bugfixes.

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