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[X3] Cup #1 Tournament info (SIGN UP).

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Hello everyone. I am glad to announce the first [X3] tournament. The tournament will be held in the 5x5, bo3 format (I think this composition is convenient for everyone). The tournament will be played on a private bot. Registration of teams will begin today and will last one week. After the registration is completed, the tournament grid will be drawn up and the time selected. At least four teams are required to start the tournament.


-Color nicknames
-VIP commands
-Account boost 
-Respect and Honor

To sign up:
-Team name

-Head of the team
Violation of in-game rules will result in disqualification of the team.
If some player is unable to play, you can replace him with advance notice.
In this topic, only team registration is allowed!
Discussions, questions, team search - 


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Nombre del equipo: LOS WACHITURROS


2 [WCH]Elbellako

3 [WCH]Elkaki



CAPITAN: [WCH]Elbellako

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20 hours ago, Hades said:

Nombre Del Equipo: Old School

1) lgante_keloke

2) Simirol

3) Hades

4) Hells

5) Muxalucha

Capitán Del Equipo: Muxalucha


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