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Horde VS Alliance X3 v4.41

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-Dueling bugfixes;
-Bugfixed magic book;
-Fixed a fatal error when taking a book with a chest;

-Changed the effect of the ability "Siren's Power (Z)"; Adjusted AoE;
-Added an effect when Arthas uses the ultimate "Flying into Fight";
-Changed the details of the archangel effect when using the ultimate "Final Showdown";
-King Uther: Clairvoyance (X): Fixed polish description;

-Pit Lord: Doom Guard: HP: 6750/6750/6750 > 4500/5500/6750 at levels 1/2/3;
                                       Duration: 150/150/150 sec. > 120/120/120 sec. at levels 1/2/3;
                                       Cooldown: 240/240/240 sec. > 170/190/210 sec. at levels 1/2/3;
-Yshlaifton: Nether Dragon: Duration: 100/100/100 sec. > 65/75/85 sec. at levels 1/2/3;
-Master of Skeletons: Wall of Soulless (V): Mana cost: 400/600/800 mana > 200/400/600 mana at levels 1/2/3;
-Servant of Azshara: Base agility: 25 > 20;
-Arthas: StrPerLevel: 2.70 > 2.85;


hvsa X3 v4.41-Hotfix3.w3x

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