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Horde VS Alliance X3 v4.38.

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-X3 Duel; Reworked: The duel code has been completely rewritten. Now it will be much easier to fix bugs and sort things out.
                                    -Fixed Revive system;
                                    -Fixed bosses bugs;
                                    -Fixed vision bug after X3;
                                    -FIxed fatal error during the duel

-2vs2 Duel: Also reworked and fixed bugs; Now the 2x2 duel will start instantly, without a three-second delay.
-1x1 Duel: Also reworked and fixed bugs;


-Bugfixes Sorcerer of Kul-Tiras;

-Tinker: Cluster Rockets: Area of effect: 200-295 > 250-345 at levels 1-20.
              Pocket Factory: Mana cost: 125-790 mana > 90-470 mana at levels 1-20
Jaina: Ice breath: Area of effect: 150 > 450.
Firelord: Soul burn: Cooldown: 11-30 sec. > 16-35 sec. at levels 1-20.
Pit Lord: Howl of Terror: Cooldown: 30 sec. > 16-35 sec. at levels 1-20.
                                         Duration: 20 sec. > 10.5-20 sec. at levels 1-20.

Hero's stats:
-Tinker: STR per level: 2.80 > 2.95
-Furion: Base damage: +6
-Crypt Lord: AGI per level: 1.50 > 1.60
-Myrmidon: AGI per level: 1.50 > 1.65
-Thrall: AGI per level: 1.30 > 1.45; 
             Base damage: +6
-Archimonde: AGI per level: 1.55 > 1.60
                        Base damage: +5
-Firelord: AGI per level: 1.85 > 1.90

type -vengo and listen the new sound, xd @Nefsty
As you have already understood, we have completely rewritten the code of duels, which will allow us to carry out modifications easier in the future. Therefore, we ask you to inform us about all the bugs that you find so that we can fix them promptly.

A big thanks to my friend Unryze for reworking duels and map optimization.

EnbeR & Unryze.


hvsa X3 v4.38.w3x

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-Fixed desync on 1.28.5 patch;
-Fixed Revives after duels;

Faerie Dragon: Life Harvest: Cooldown: 15-30 > 16-35 sec. at levels 1-20.
                          INT per level: 3.90 > 3.70
                          STR per level: 1.90 > 1.70

hvsa X3 v4.38-Hotfix.w3x

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