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-Servant of Azshara: Fixed a bug with blink into the water;
-Fixed a bug when could have applied "Rejuvenation" (Bear/Bandit/Ogre healling spell) before the start of the duel;
-Crown of King now give 60 STR. Corrected value and fixed description.

added a new sound "-joke";

Balance changes:
-All Creeps between Horde and Alliance are balanced. (HP/Damage/Armor/Attack Types/Gold for kill/Exp.)
-Removed the Magnaturs from top on the Horde side, added Revenants;
-Removed the Revenants from down on the Horde side, added Magnataurs;
Death Knight: Death Pact: Cooldown increased from 16-35 sec. to 17-55 sec. at level 1-20;
Master of Skeletons: Wall of the Soulless: Cooldown: 120/120/120 sec. > 100/110/120 sec. at level 1/2/3;
Firelord: Phoenix Attack: Cooldown: 120/120/120 sec. > 95/115/135 sec. at level 1/2/3;
Coldbringer (Trigman): Double Tide: Mana cost decreased from 100-670 mana to 80-555 mana at level 1-20;
Beastmaster: AGI per level: 1.5 > 1.6;
Alchemist: AGI per level: 1.0 >1.4;
Druid of Claw: STR per level: 2.9 > 3.3;
Furbolg Shaman: AGI per level: 1.2 > 1.4;
WooJ (Antonidas): Energy From Heaven (V) Cooldown: 90/90/90 sec. > 80/90/100 sec. at level 1/2/3;
Dark Ranger: Frenzy Cooldown: 100/100/100 sec. > 80/95/110 sec. at level 1/2/3;
Gloves of the Death Lord (Combo Artifact); Removed Vampiric ability. Now can use Gloves with Orb. STR bonus increased from 50 to 80.

Feedback/Bug Reports/Ideas.


hvsa X3 v4.13-Fixed.w3x

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